A Feast of Reading!

We love to read in the Pre-Prep, and book week is always eagerly anticipated.


This year we chose to have the theme of Cornish stories for our book week. The children in Key Stage 1 started the week by finding out about the legend of St Piran. They made flags, talked about Cornish Pasties and found out about how St Piran’s Day is celebrated. Ask your child what the black and white stands for on the Cornish flag!


In Music and Drama this week the children have been learning about The Mousehole Cat. The story was further brought to life with a wonderful visit from The Duchy Ballet. The children were completely spellbound as Kay Jones, her dancers and some of our children enacted scenes from the ballet. Grateful thanks must go to Kay and her dancers (and their parents!) who gave so willingly of their time. Do take time to look on the website for some of the photos.


It was lovely to see so many of you at our talk on reading and I hope that you found it informative. Learning to read should not be a battlefield as your child needs you to encourage and support them all the way. Reading to your child is without doubt the single most important thing you can do to help them progress academically. I hope that you will all continue to read to your child throughout their Pre-Prep and Prep years and that you treasure this very special time together. Thank you for all your questions and interest regarding the talk and, for those who have asked, there is now a hardcopy of the talk available in the Pre-Prep.


Throughout the week we have read Cornish stories together, delighted in many of our book themed activities, such as making bookmarks and our own book cover, and we have also talked about our favourite stories. The book fair run by Waterstones has been a constant hum of activity and the children were thrilled to use their £1 tokens given for World Book Day. We rounded off our week in true Pre-Prep style by dressing up and having a spectacular costume parade.


Sarah Hudson

Head of Pre-Prep