Sixth Form Diploma Scholarship

Sixth Form Diploma Scholarships are awarded before Christmas of Year 11 (5th Year). They are awarded from an application and selection process that includes a pre-prepared application, a review of a pupil’s school record, and an interview that will include a pupil presentation. This is a rigorous process designed to identify the pupils most likely to enrich our Sixth Form community through their diversity of knowledge, skills and interests, and their commitment to our School values. Pupils will be ambassadors for their speciality subjects or skills, whether sciences, the arts, humanities (including modern foreign languages), or sports.

Successful Diploma Scholars will be invited on a School funded study and enrichment weekend organised and run by the Head, the Head of Sixth Form, and other key staff around the Spring half term of Year 11. This will represent the first enrichment opportunity for this group. Diploma Awards are conditional on a pupil joining Truro School Sixth Form and will remain in place for the duration of a pupil’s time in Sixth Form as long as expectations of commitment and behaviour are maintained, details of which will be set out in a Diploma Scholar’s contract. The fee remission associated with a Diploma scholarship is likely to be between 5% and 10%.

Diploma Scholarships may be applied for by any pupil in Year 11 at Truro School, or any Year 11 from outside the School seeking to apply to join Truro School for Sixth Form, whether they have existing scholarship or bursary awards or not. Diploma Scholars are expected to be academically strong, but selection will not be exclusively academic. The selection process will reflect the candidate’s potential to contribute to and enrich our Sixth Form community in line with the philosophy and values associated with the Truro School Diploma and of the School. We will actively seek to recognise and reward diverse individual interests, talents, and skills. This will be a prestigious award and will have a small fee reduction associated with it that will apply across the pupil’s time in the Sixth Form unless their engagement with Sixth Form life ceases to be positive and constructive for the School community.

How To Apply

Applications for Sixth Form Diploma Scholarships are welcomed from existing and future pupils. Pupils at Truro School will be invited to apply during the Autumn Term of Year 11 (5th Year). Pupils wishing to join Truro School for Sixth Form will be able to apply via the application form below. The deadline for applications for 2023-24 Sixth Form Diploma Scholarships will be Friday 4 November 2022. Applications will be reviewed and assessment interviews will take place shortly afterwards.