The Gift of Education – For Future Generations

Truro School Foundation has taken on the challenge of extending the School's bursary programme. It brings together members of the whole School community who share the belief that our School should commit itself to educating talented and enthusiastic young people. At Truro School they will have the opportunity to develop existing talents, find new ones and achieve their ambitions.

Did you know?

Truro School Foundation (TSF) is a registered charity (charity no. 1070969), distinct from Truro School, with an overriding mission of having a positive impact on young minds by increasing the number of transformative bursaries that Truro School can offer.

Who Supports TSF?

Simply put, the amazing Truro School Community. We rely solely on your generosity to help fund transformational bursaries. Historical giving from our Old Truronian community has allowed Truro School to award means-tested bursaries to children who have flourished, from backgrounds who would otherwise be unable to access this opportunity. There’s a thirst to do more and together we can make a difference.

TSF Impact

In the last 5 years, donations from Old Truronians (former pupils) and supportive friends has enabled Truro School Foundation to direct over £1 million towards means-tested bursary awards.


Help us raise funds for life charging bursaries!

By supporting TSF you’ll be giving the gift of education, to future generations. Your donation will play a crucial part in transforming a child’s life through the power of education.

Discover the different ways of how you could support life changing bursaries at Truro School 


The Gift of Education – For Future Generations

Truro School is committed to giving access to a Truro School education to as many children as possible, regardless of parental means. In order to do this the school already offers a small number of bursaries. We aim to augment these with our Foundation Awards: for boys and girls who we believe will thrive in the Truro School environment but due to family circumstances require full or part assistance with school fees. They will have the understanding, commitment and willingness to make a significant contribution to the life of Truro School, positively influencing others along the way.