Reception Curriculum

The children move naturally and seamlessly from Nursery to one of our two Reception classes, as they have plenty of opportunities throughout the year to work and play together and they benefit from full use of the school’s resources, staff and facilities. In Reception we offer small class sizes with a teacher and a full time teaching assistant to support.

Familiar Surroundings

The two adjacent classrooms are well resourced and have direct access to an outdoor play area and also to our Enchanted Garden.

Developing Core Skills

Pupils in Reception continue to work within the EYFS framework but increasing emphasis is placed on the teaching of numeracy and literacy skills as well as further encouraging the development of the whole child.

Children have plenty of opportunities for drama, music and art. French, philosophy and mindfulness are all introduced in this year so pupils can further challenge, question and understand the world around them.

Small Class Sizes

Our small classes ensure that pupils have the opportunity to read and write every day and also to problem solve and develop their skills in numeracy. Where pupils are working beyond their Early learning Goals in an area we are happily able to extend their learning into Year 1 objectives.

Capturing Special Moments

Evidence from your child’s learning journey in Nursery is transferred into a very special Online Learning Journal in Reception, where we take regular video footage and images for each of the 7 areas of learning to track and evidence their learning giving you an extremely comprehensive record of your child’s progress.

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