Motto, Values and Ambition

Our School is a welcoming community in which children and adults can flourish, thrive and be happy.

Our Motto

Our motto is Esse Quam Videri, meaning ‘to be, rather than to seem to be.’

Founded by Methodists in Cornwall in 1880 our School is a welcoming community in which children and adults can flourish, thrive and be happy. They enjoy being and becoming the very best of themselves.

Our Values

From Nursery through to Sixth Form, the values our community nurtures are:

·      Curiosity to always want to discover and learn more, academically and more widely too.

·      Confidence to build resilience by learning from both successes and failures alike.

·      Compassion to understand and champion the needs of others, in our community and beyond.

·      Creativity to be imaginative in how we express ourselves and approach new challenges.

·      Courage to enjoy becoming the very best of who we are, with integrity and ambition.

Our Ambition

To be a community of inclusion and excellence delivering the best educational journey in the South-West.

Our community and its culture reflect our Methodist foundation and our ongoing evolution in an inspiring Cornish setting. In an ever-changing world, we support and challenge young people to thrive – personally, spiritually, academically, socially, and physically. We value our pupils in the diversity of their identities, beliefs, abilities, talents, interests, backgrounds, and needs.

The happiness, energy and wellbeing of our community shapes and inspires who we are and who we can become.

Methodist Independent Schools Trust (MIST)

Truro School is a member of the Methodist Independent Schools Trust (MIST). The MIST mission statement can be found on our website

Time to reflect

Truro School Chapel is a quiet space within busy school life, providing a sanctuary for reflection and thought.

On the one hand the Chapel reminds the community of its history and its Methodist roots. The Foundation Stone was laid on the 8th June 1927 by the Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall. The memorial plaques from the First and Second World Wars and Boer War honour those who fell during those conflicts.

On the other hand, the Chapel also provides opportunities for spiritual expression through music. A magnificent new organ has recently been installed, alongside a Steinway Grand piano. Music means different things to different people and our Chapel frequently comes alive with songs and compositions from passionate musicians throughout the school.

The School Chaplain

Revd. Helen Byrne is an Ordained Methodist Minister and Hospital Chaplain. Much of her work has focused on the wellbeing of children and young people, which equips her perfectly for this role.

Helen’s experience and understanding of wellbeing will also enable her to be a support and listening ear to staff, and her experience of mission and outreach will promote ever more engagement within the wider community and Methodist Circuit. Helen has a grounded, welcoming, and inclusive faith. She embraces opportunities to treat everybody as an individual and as an equal, respecting all beliefs, celebrating what we share in common, and encouraging us to continue building upon the Methodist foundation of our school.

A place of trust and respect

The Truro School Identity

Our school motto, Esse Quam Videri (to be, rather than to seem to be), captures the essence of our identity and is defined by the 5 C's below. Underpinned by strong Christian principles, we are a caring and inclusive community which values, nurtures and develops each individual.

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