Mission, Value and Ethos

Our Mission: To be a beacon of inclusive excellence, providing a balanced education and producing confident, tolerant and enthusiastic young people who enjoy working with others and are ready to influence the world.

Our Values: Our school motto, Esse Quam Videri, (to be rather than seem to be) captures the essence of the values that underpin our endeavours, calling us to be people of integrity who bring constructive energy, honesty, rigour, humility, and generosity to the enthusiastic pursuit of our mission. Underpinned by Christian values, Truro School aspires to be a place of trust and respect where teachers take an active interest in the intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual development of every student.

Our Ethos and Identity

From Nursery right through to Sixth Form, the Truro School Community shares the same values and approach to education. Our approach to education is underpinned by Christian values and characterised by six key hallmarks.


Developing individual academic excellence at all levels. Because we believe that academic excellence is an important part of human excellence. Every child is an individual and we celebrate and develop their uniqueness, helping them to become an independent learner and encouraging each child to explore, understand and cultivate their talent and abilities, whatever they may be.


Inspiring creativity, igniting imaginations and helping each pupil to find and fully develop their talents. Because we value the development of pupils’ imaginative and creative dimensions as well as their characters. Through a broad curriculum and wide range of co-curricular activities, pupils discover the important balance between creative and logical thinking. These opportunities are fundamental to ensuring your son or daughter discovers their hidden gifts, developing a sense of individuality and a confidence in their own abilities.


Developing pupils who are at ease with themselves and each other. Because we want every pupil to be comfortable in their own skin, celebrating the uniqueness of each individual in the school community. Through drama, debating and public speaking, as well as creating their own assemblies and appearing in concerts, pupils learn key communication skills and gain the confidence to prosper in the real world.


Demonstrating value and communicating with confidence and passion, forging characters through challenges and opportunities. Because we believe that essential life skills are often best taught outside of the classroom, balancing an academic education. Through a wide-ranging co-curricular programme, we offer every child the chance to participate, perform and lead in the fields of their choice. In a competitive world these opportunities are fundamental to ensuring your son or daughter develops essential life skills and an ambition for life.


Encouraging pupils to develop their own way of thinking. Because we encourage pupils towards a personally developed life philosophy. Underlying all that we do is a solid foundation based on the ethos and values of Christianity. We nurture and challenge each individual child in a caring environment that is inclusive, enjoys the diversity within our School Community and beyond, and supports a genuine desire to question what we see and what we know.


Developing students who respect other people and the world around them. Because our mission challenges us to be a vibrant community which enables people to live their lives to the full and transform society for the better. Located in the heart of Cornwall, our distinctive, serene location supports the development of balanced, unpretentious and reflective children who understand their role as global citizens.


Time to reflect

Truro School Chapel is a quiet space within busy school life, providing a sanctuary for reflection and thought.

On the one hand the Chapel reminds the community of its history and its Methodist roots. The Foundation Stone was laid on the 8th June 1927 by the Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall. The memorial plaques from the First and Second World Wars and Boer War honour those who fell during those conflicts.

On the other hand, the Chapel also provides opportunities for spiritual expression through music. A magnificent new organ has recently been installed, alongside a Steinway Grand piano. Music means different things to different people and our Chapel frequently comes alive with songs and compositions from passionate musicians throughout the school.

The School Chaplain

Rev Aubin de Gruchy is an ordained Methodist minister who moved from South Africa with his family to the United Kingdom and Truro School in 2002. He is a keen sportsman and coaches the mighty Under 13 football side. He is also a keen canoeist.

At school his responsibilities include teaching Religious Education in both the Prep and Senior School, organising and leading chapel, boarders’ and communion services, Christian Union groups, confirmation classes and other support groups. He has been involved with training pupils in the ACHE peer mentoring scheme and is available to staff and pupils in a pastoral capacity.  He has recently qualified as a Mental Health First Aid Youth Instructor and continues to run courses for staff and, when time allows, outside groups. He has completed training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and is a qualified Reality Therapist (William Glasser International – accredited by the European Association for Psychotherapy.)

World Action in Methodist Schools

World Action in Methodist Schools (AIMS) is a program that unites the family of 14 Methodist Schools to which Truro School belongs.

The aim of World Action in Methodist Schools is to facilitate the increased understanding that, as a school and as individuals, we have a role and responsibility as citizens in a global village. At Truro School, pupils are encouraged to join or support the various activities run within the World Aims Program.

These include:

  • Charity Days arranged by the Charity Committee, as well as each form having an allocated charity week to support a charity of their choice
  • Fair Trade Fortnight and Environmental Awareness
  • Oversees Partnerships – Truro School is linked with the Sella Community in Sierra Leone and with Bethany School in Uganda
  • The campaigns run by the Truro School Amnesty International Committee
  • The World AIMS Days at the end of each academic year

A place of trust and respect

The Truro School Identity

Our school motto, Esse Quam Videri (to be, rather than to seem to be), captures the essence of our identity and is defined by the 5 C's below. Underpinned by strong Christian principles, we are a caring and inclusive community which values, nurtures and develops each individual.

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