Welcome to Truro School Senior

Our home in the South West of England is a joyful and secure environment where children can thrive, be transformed by what they learn, and develop into well-rounded individuals ready to take their place on the global stage.

We offer high levels of academic study combined with a broad range of co-curricular opportunities, because education is about so much more than excellent exam results, as important as these are. It is one thing to grasp something intellectually, but real learning takes place when students have time to reflect on their experiences. celebrating both cultural and sporting achievement.

Andy Johnson, Head

By maintaining high academic standards alongside a personalised support network, excellent facilities and a broad range of co-curricular opportunities, we aim to inspire and support all our pupils. We will nurture and challenge them to become the very best of themselves – confident, respectful, broad minded, and enthusiastic young people with choices in life and a sense of purpose and individuality.

Truro School is a warm, welcoming community characterised by constructive and trusting relationships, a place where talented and dedicated teachers educate pupils to be independent individuals. We believe that pupils’ abilities are not fixed and that through their learning they can each grow and develop intellectually, discovering new interests and talents. We champion a broad and balanced education that includes creative, cultural, spiritual and sporting opportunities alongside genuine academic rigour. As pupils progress through the school, they will also develop social skills, confidence and leadership qualities.

We want to inspire curiosity and a life-long interest in learning, equipping pupils with the knowledge, skills and interests to thrive in the futures they choose. We are also a community that learns, in self-critical pursuit of our ambition to be a beacon of inclusive excellence and progressive education.

Wide, Varied Curriculum

From Computer Science to Geology, Truro School offers an extensive range of subjects. An array of academic opportunities like ours allows for pupils to find their individual forte, their abilities and their passion.

We aim to inspire a life-long interest in learning, equipping pupils with the essential skills to tackle the future with confidence and a degree of independence, and to succeed in whatever careers they choose.

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Small Class Sizes and Outstanding Results

Class sizes are never greater than 24 and, in Design & Technology, we limit set sizes to around 15 pupils. In practice, most 1st Year – 3rd Year classes are closer to 20 – 22 per teaching group, and as we approach GCSEs, English, Science and Mathematics aim to have smaller sets to enable a more individualised approach to the teaching and learning.

Whilst our key focus is around developing well-rounded young people, we understand that results are hugely important. Here at Truro School we are pleased to boast incredible exam results. In our most recent GCSE results, over half of all grades awarded were A* or A. A full report on Truro School’s results can be found on our GCSE results page.


Combined with our academic curriculum, our varied co-curricular programme ensures that students thrive through a holistic and balanced education, giving them the opportunities to try, participate or excel in whatever talent or gift they would like to pursue.

The opportunities are plentiful and offer something for every individual. Whilst having fun, participating in a wide range of activities, without academic pressures, students can broaden their horizons and learn a new skill or extend existing skills. This, in turn, develops their confidence, self-esteem, teamwork and independent-thinking, communication skills and social development across all year groups.

Find out more about our commitment to educating and developing the whole person on our Co-curricular pages.

To be rather than to seem to be

The Truro School Identity

Our school motto, Esse Quam Videri (to be, rather than to seem to be), captures the essence of our identity and is defined by the 5 C's below. Underpinned by strong Christian principles, we are a caring and inclusive community which values, nurtures and develops each individual.

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