The best way to get a taste of life as a boarder at Truro School is to hear it from the boarders themselves.

Here some of our boarders talk about their own experiences.

Stories from the Boarders


15 year old Antonia joined Truro School in 2019 from Chile.

Mi experiencia en Inglaterra y especialmente en Truro School a sido una que nunca se me va a olvidar. Yo me vine sola desde Chile, sin familia, amigos ni nada, no conocia a nadie. Pero gracias a mis compañeros, profesores y colegio en general he podido gozar cada momento, especialmente
gracias a mi profesora Mrs. Wormald, creo que facilmente a sido una de las
mejores profesoras que he tenido en mi vida, que nunca hubiera conocido
si no hubiera venido a este colegio. Desde el primer dia hasta ahora, se ha
asegurado de que yo este lo mas comoda y segura posible, cual no hubiera pasado sin ella.

Para mi, el cambio fue muy notable, ya que todo era nuevo y no conocia nada, pero de apoco me fui dando cuenta de que si, capaz que era diferente, pero en la mejor forma posible. Mi colegio en Chile es bastante diferente de lo que es aca, mas chico, muchas menos personas, y menos variado en todos los aspectos. Truro School en cambio tiene variedad de todo, desde las nacionalidades de los alumnos e profesores, hasta los tipos de eporte que hay. Al igual que todos las actividades que estan ofrecidas, lo que pienses te aseguro que esta a tu alcance, por ejemplo, de deportes, hay un gimnasio com leto, surfeo, buseo, rugby, hockey, natacion, equitacion y mas, de clubes, hay de ajedrez, roboticas, coro, costura, arte ect. No lo podia creer cuando llegue porque nunca habia tenido tantas opciones!

Me quedan casi cuatro semanas hasta que me vulevo a Chile y no puedo creer lo rapido que se me ha ido el tiempo, he estado por cinco meses y medio pero se me ha pasado como uno! No puedo explicar todo lo que voy a extrañar a Truro y a todos mis amigos, pero estoy segura de que algun dia voy a volver y ver a todos de nuevo.


Polina is from Chelyabinsk and joined Truro School in the Lower Sixth

When did you start studying abroad?

I’ve been in the UK for four years, and at Truro School since September 2016 for Sixth Form, it’s a really active school and I’ve been able to do a lot of sports here. I like the subject choices and I’m doing the subjects I really enjoy; German, French, Business Studies and Maths.

Are you going to stay abroad after studying or return to Russia and why?

I think I’m going to return to Russia and help my parents in their business, I wanted to be able to gain an education here and set up my languages. I may go to another country for university to have another fluent language and then after my full education go back to Russia.

Have you already chosen a profession and university?

I want to study Business and Tourism, so hospitality management, and how the hotel system works in ski resorts, etc. Switzerland is my preferred country for university, but I would consider the UK still and America.

What extra-curricular activities do you attend any at school?

I really like active leisure, so I go to the gym in the evenings and play football with other boarders twice a week. I go fencing sometimes for fun, when I have time. Sometimes I go swimming, I never sit in the same place here and as a person interested in the ski tourism industry I need to know the sports side of it as well.

What is your impression to study at an independent school abroad? What did you remember the most?

I will remember the boarding family the most, we live together, and so we know more about each other and it’s nice to be in the boarding house with the same people I’m at school with. Also the teachers, in a Private school there are less students so there is more time for teachers to talk to you and explain new stuff to you, which is helpful.

What kind of advice can you give kids and parents who want to study abroad?

I know everyone is scared of the language barrier, they are worried people won’t understand them but they need to be more confident and ask for explanations when they don’t understand.

Don’t worry to ask, with time your language will get better and your confidence will go up. Just be more confident and don’t worry about the language barrier as that’s the main problem for students who come from overseas.

“Boarding is an amazing fusion of cultural diversity, the opportunity to self-develop, and to make friends that will last a lifetime. It is like a big family, where everyone cares for and looks out for one another.” Lower Sixth student from Georgia

“Malvern feels like home, so I don’t miss my old school in Nigeria. I like that you can always get a good night’s sleep here, and I love the food, and the friendly environment – there are no cliques, and everyone talks to everyone.” Lower Sixth student from Nigeria

“I’m an only child, so having friends around is really nice; the community spirit is my favourite thing about boarding. The house staff are very friendly and helpful too. They were able to give me loads of advice on my university application, which was great. My favourite weekend trip has been quad biking, as it was a different activity, and we got really muddy!” Upper Sixth student from the Isles of Scilly

“Being together with all of the girls is great; everyone looks out for each other, so if you ever need any help there are lots of people to turn to. The housemistresses are really nice, friendly and helpful too. The best thing I’ve done so far has been the coasteering trip – jumping off the cliffs was so great! 4th Year student from Germany

“It’s really easy to make friends straight away in boarding, and everyone is so warm and welcoming.” Lower Sixth student from the Isles of Scilly

“Boarding is an amazing experience – every teenager should have this chance. It has made me more independent, and a stronger person, but at the same time there are lots of friends and teachers around to help you.” Lower Sixth student from China

“Things I love about boarding: my bed; my friends in Malvern and Pentreve; having a hot breakfast every day; able to use the school fields; and lots more!” 5th Year student from Hong Kong

“I came from a school in central Stockholm and was used to commuting by tube from school to my fencing club and then home again in the evenings. At Truro, I started each day with an English breakfast and a short walk to school and then to the fencing salle. The school campus at Truro felt like paradise to me and I quickly took on rugby and cricket during break, which are not typical sports back home in Sweden. I made full use of frequent individual lessons with my fencing coach as well as group sessions most days of the week.

Every weekend, our housemaster and tutors at Pentreve made sure we had something exciting to look forward to like a BBQ coupled with some fun activity. On-campus we had lots of outdoor sports to choose from as well as the fantastic Sir Ben Ainslie Sports complex. Off-campus, we did everything from charity projects to awesome surfing trips to the beach, camping, kayaking and even professional cliff jumping!” Hugo Pousette

“My son had attended an international school in Stockholm, so we were quite surprised by how quickly his American accent changed over to a British accent after just a term at Truro. The boarding school offers a rigorous academic programme, educating their pupils in morality whilst encouraging them to achieve their highest goals in co-curricular activities. The fencing club has the finest reputation for topping the national medal league tables as well as having large troops of fencers going to youth championships. Youth fencers have the privilege of being able to train with national squad coaches, national squad fencers and even Olympians. The high performance programme had regular visits of a sports physiotherapist specialised in fencers, which was something Hugo could take advantage of when he stretched a muscle at a competition.

The wonderful friends Hugo has made at Truro are a true legacy of how the School has succeeded in creating open-minded and well-rounded ambitious young people. Undoubtedly, the coastal location of Cornwall adds to making the boarding experience second to none in terms of all the off-campus activities the boarding tutors can arrange.” Mrs. Carolina Pousette