Impact of Your Giving

No matter how large or small your gift, it really will make a difference and help to transform lives.

Together we can make a real difference.

Read the stories and testimonials of past and present recipients.

Student A – September 2018 Award Recipient

“My time so far has been amazing. I have made loads of new friends that are very kind and helpful to me. My teachers are also very kind and they help you when you are stuck with something.” Read More.


Student B – September 2019 Award Recipient

“Starting at Truro school was daunting at first – I didn’t really know anyone, the school site seemed huge in comparison to my primary school and wearing a blazer took a little getting used to! However, it took hardly any time at all before I felt like I belonged.” Read More.


Student C – September 2019 Award Recipient

“I am writing to let you know that I have settled in at Truro School, since I started a few weeks ago. When I first started I only knew a few people and already I have made some fantastic new friends.” Read More.


Student D – September 2019 Award Recipient

“I found the first day quite full on because it was a long time since I’d done some work and it was a big step up (academically) from my previous school. Then I started to make friends and my brain started to wake up. Now I really enjoy it… especially the sport.” Read More.


Student E – September 2019 Award Recipient – Alan Sherlock Maths Bursary Award

“Maths is my favourite subject and I want to go to university to study maths or a maths related subject in the future. I am very grateful for the Alan Sherlock Maths Bursary Award from the Truro School Foundation and all the opportunities this has opened up for me.”