Date Posted... Aug 6th 2020

Tilly (Current Student)

Tilly – Bursary Award Recipient

TS 2019 – present

Tilly was allocated a Foundation Bursary Award in September 2019 and very kindly took the time to write to our Trustees and Donors telling us about her first year at Truro School (through the Coronavirus lockdown) and what it has means to her to continue her education at Truro School.

Dear Truro School Board of Trustees and Foundation Donors

Thank you for believing in me and enabling me to be a pupil at Truro School.

I have had a brilliant first year – even if it wasn’t quite the year we all expected!

I have loved being a member of Junior Wind Band, Wind Band and Flute Choir. Singing with B Naturals has also been fun. It has been great performing in many concerts throughout the year; I’d never experienced anything like it before starting at Truro School. I have loved getting to know my new music teachers and I have appreciated all their help and support. It was a shame that I was unable to take my gradings due to COVID-19, but I still feel like I have made some good progress (hopefully my teachers agree).

I knew that I was going to love studying sport at Truro School before I even started. I have represented the school at swimming, tennis, netball, cricket and badminton. My coaches and teachers have helped me to develop my confidence and skills so much – for that I am grateful. I cannot wait to get back to training regularly and feeling like I am part of a team again.

I have tried my absolute best academically and I have enjoyed studying varied subjects. English and Religious Studies have been incredibly enjoyable. Maths has been challenging at times, but hopefully it will get easier! Surprisingly, in the past ten months, I have found that I really love Design and Technology, Art, and Photography. I have been working on these skills during lockdown and have so appreciated the encouragement of my teachers (even from afar).

I was so happy when I heard that you will be supporting me through another academic year at Truro School. It means everything to me. I will try to make you proud.


In October 2020, Tilly was awarded Gold in the Anne Frank Diary Writing Competition. Read more here

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