Fencing Scholarships

The School is looking for candidates with the ability, potential and willingness to contribute significantly to the ongoing success of fencing at Truro School.

A small number of Fencing Scholarships are awarded to candidates entering Truro School at 11+, 13+ and 16+. Scholarships awarded at 11+ and 13+ will usually be worth 5 – 10% of the fees and will be reviewed at 13+ and 16+. At the discretion of the Headmaster, a select number of high value 16+ scholarships may be awarded to students of exceptional talent. Any help thereafter is given in the form of a means-tested bursary.

All external candidates for a Fencing Scholarship are required to register with the school before an application is made.

The School is looking for candidates with the ability, potential and willingness to contribute significantly to the ongoing success of fencing at Truro School. In return, scholars will be supported through a top-class programme of international quality coaching and training, access to specialised fencing facilities and a professional strength and conditioning programme. In addition, scholars will be supported by information, lectures and advice on sports nutrition, and lifestyle management, and additional academic monitoring and tracking. Scholars’ performance will be reviewed regularly with the Teacher in Charge of Fencing and the Head Coach of Truro Fencing Club.

Pupils on the PIPP are expected to display:
• A keen interest in the sport
• A strong work ethic in fencing and coachability
• Commitment to training
• A willingness to compete beyond local/regional level and a mindset towards this being the beginning of their career in fencing
• Working towards joining the TFC high performance programme, if not already a member

All Fencing Scholars are expected to:
• Play a leading role in the sporting life of Truro School
• Act as role models for their peers
• Demonstrate high levels of motivation and commitment to training and competition
• Join Truro Fencing Club and meet competition and training commitments set by Truro

Fencing Club and Truro School

Retention of the award will be dependent on consistently excellent performance levels, and exemplary conduct during training and competition.

The Application Process

Candidates are assessed on a combination of fitness, technical ability, tactical awareness, attitude, work ethic and potential. They should demonstrate leadership, resilience, openness, coachability, initiative and academic effort and should aspire to reaching international standard during their time at Truro School.

Boys and girls in any of the three disciplines of foil, epee and sabre will be considered, as will pentathletes taking part in the epee discipline. A strong track record of national results and international honours will support their application.

Candidates should provide references from relevant coaches or teachers giving an accurate assessment of fencing ability, experience, results and potential in support of their application. These should be sent to Admissions with the application form. Candidates who do not currently train at Truro Fencing Club may then be required to attend a Fencing Assessment Day.

Completed application forms and references from coaches/teachers should be returned to: [email protected] or by post to Admissions, Truro School, Trennick Lane, Truro TR1 1TH

16+ Friday 3 November 2023
• 11+ and 13+ Wednesday 13 December 2023

Assessments will take place on:
16+ by appointment
• 11+ and 13+ by appointment