Means-Tested and Armed Forces Bursaries provide assistance for some families up to the value of the full fees.

Our bursaries are for pupils who will thrive at the School, but whose family circumstances mean the school fees are otherwise unaffordable. A bursary is means-tested reduction in fees. The standard entry points for bursary applications are at 11+, 13+ and 16+, however, applications to other senior school age groups may be considered. Awards can range from 5% up to 100% of fees depending on assessed need. Through the work and generosity of others, and our staff here, we are actively seeking to expand bursary provision and hence widen access to our School. Any family may apply for potential financial assistance by submitting a means-tested bursary application. Bursary applications are reviewed on a case by case basis and outcomes of those reviews will establish whether bursary support is warranted and if so, at what level.

These awards are given to those who will contribute greatly to the life of Truro School and benefit from it. We would like to be in a position to help all those who apply but the Truro School Foundation has a relatively small fund which means that financial assistance has to come mostly from general income. We, therefore, have to be stringent to be fair to all parents and all applicants must adhere carefully to the application process.

Those who wish to apply for a bursary should complete a financial declaration form and arrange for their son or daughter to have an interview with the Head or Head of Admissions in advance of the entrance examination.

Financial Declaration forms must be completed in full by the age-appropriate deadline and returned to the Finance Manager, along with all relevant documentation.  If the Finance Office have any queries or feel that any documentation is missing, they will let you know.  Following that, it is your responsibility to ensure we have everything listed.  Incomplete applications will not be considered, regardless of how well a child performs in the entrance examination or scholarship assessments.

In order to be fair to everyone, we have a duty to ensure that all bursary awards are well focused and so, as well as current earnings, other factors will be considered in determining the necessary level of bursary. These will include:

-The ability to improve the financial position or earning power of the family (where there are two partners both would be expected to be employed unless one is prevented from doing so through incapacity, the need to care for children under school age or other dependants or the requirements of their partner’s work). If this is not the case, a national average salary for the area will be included before the assessment is made.

-Opportunities to release any capital (significant capital savings and investments would be expected to be used for the payment of school fees as would significant equity value in a house).


How to apply
  • Before completing your bursary application, please submit a registration form and pay the registration fee. If you feel you will struggle to pay the registration fee, please do speak with us.
  • Once you have submitted your registration form, please complete our online bursary award application (below) and submit it with your supporting documentation to [email protected]. Applications for fee assistance must be submitted by the deadline date.

If you wish to discuss an application to the school in greater detail, please contact our Admissions Office on [email protected] or 01872 246062.

Armed Forces Bursaries

Truro School welcomes applications for children of HM Forces personnel.  In recognition of the unique position they are in we are pleased to offer additional financial support to those in receipt of CEA. In such cases, students may apply for additional scholarships but any successful scholarship application will be ‘Honorary’; the student will have the recognition of a Scholar but there will be no further financial reduction on the fees.

If you are in receipt of CEA, or believe you are eligible for CEA, and wish to discuss an application to the school in greater detail, please contact our Admissions Office by email, [email protected] or 01872 246007.

What is Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA)?

Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) is offered to assist Service families in maintaining continuity of education for their children which would otherwise be denied due to the movement of their family as a consequence of their assignments and posts. Some parents believe that boarding schools offer the most stable approach to their child’s education, and in most cases, they will be entitled to CEA (also known as Children’s Education Allowance).

You may find the link below useful for more information on Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA):


Senior School Dates

Whole School Open Morning – Saturday 5 October 2024

Year 6 Activity Morning – Saturday 16 November 2024

Entrance Exam – Saturday 18 January 2025

Offer Letters Sent to Parents – Friday 31 January 2025

Deadline for Responses from Parents – Monday 3 March 2025

Bursary and Scholarships Dates:

11+ and 13+ Bursary Application Deadline – Wednesday, 11 December 2024

11+ and 13+ Fencing Scholarship Deadline – Wednesday, 11 December 2024

13+ Chorister Scholarship Deadline – Wednesday, 11 December 2024

Sixth Form Dates

Sixth Form Open Evening – Tuesday 24 September 2024

Offer Letters Sent to Parents – Monday 2 December 2025

Deadline for Responses from Parents – Friday 3 January 2025

Bursary and Scholarships Dates:

16+ Means-tested Bursary Application Deadline – Friday 8 November 2024

16+ Fencing Scholarship Deadline – Friday 8 November 2024

Sixth Form Diploma Scholarships – Friday 8 November 2024

The Truro School Identity

Our school motto, Esse Quam Videri (to be, rather than to seem to be), captures the essence of our identity and is defined by the 5 C's below. Underpinned by strong Christian principles, we are a caring and inclusive community which values, nurtures and develops each individual.

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