Co-curricular Scholarships

Co-curricular scholarships will be awarded for exceptional talent and commitment to one, or more, co-curricular disciplines: Art, Music, Drama, and Sports and Athletics. Scholars will be bright, enthusiastic pupils who show dedication, enthusiasm and a high level of skill in their discipline, and who will act as ambassadors for the department.

Expectations for each discipline are detailed below:

  • Undertake a high level of involvement with both curricular and co-curricular Art activities and to become role models to the wider School community in respect of their commitment to Art.
  • Produce a piece of work, that is not classwork, for the annual exhibition
  • Attend a co-curricular art activity once a week
  • Keep a personal sketchbook, which is assessed every term by the Head of Art
  • Assist with whole school art events and open days
  • Set up and hold a Scholars’ Exhibition in the Heseltine Gallery
  • Study GCSE Art
  • Set an example by regular attendance at rehearsals in order to perform to the best possible standard
  • Attend a regular two-way review with the nominated member of the Music Department to discuss progress, aims and ambitions
  • Play in the ensembles relevant to their instruments and attend rehearsals regularly
  • Take part in the regular informal weekly concerts for their instrument, which provide vital experience of performing from the earliest stages of instrumental playing
  • Participate in the more formal termly concerts including, for example, the Hall for Cornwall, St Agnes and Christmas Concerts in the Autumn Term, the major Choral and Orchestral Concert in the Spring Term, and the Summer Term Chamber Concert
  • Take part in the annual House Music Competition and give support to fellow musicians by attending the Final of the Competition
  • Take part in the various services in the Chapel which include music
  • Make the most of the many opportunities each term for participating in other musical events, such as the school musical, jazz concert and various trips and tours
  • Study GCSE Music
  • Be involved in a minimum of one show per year
    For Years 7-8 (1st and 2nd Year) participation in the junior play is a minimum expectation
    For Years 9-11 (3rd-5th Year) participation in the main school production is a minimum expectation
  • Undertake a high level of involvement with both curricular and co-curricular drama activities and to become role models to the wider School community in respect of their commitment to Drama.
  • Apply commitment, reliability and enthusiasm to rehearsals and related Drama activities
  • Participate in Drama Club
  • Assist the department on Open Days
  • Study GCSE Drama
  • Play a leading role in the sporting life of Truro School
  • Be leaders, excellent role models and ambassadors within the school
  • Demonstrate high levels of commitment and motivation to training and competition
  • Train and play with school teams during periods of academic study leave and after finishing public examinations (when considered appropriate by the Director of Sport)
  • Participate in all House sporting events when selected
Scholarship Selection

Due to the nature of assessment and awards, there is no longer an application process for Co-curricular Scholarships. Pupils will be awarded co-curricular and/or academic scholarships based on ongoing assessment of their commitment and potential by our Heads of Department and Co-curricular leaders. Assessment will recognise and reflect their engagement with senior school study, and with an exciting and flexible programme of enhanced academic and co-curricular enrichment. For pupils in Year 7 (1st Year), and rolling up annually from 2023, a scholarship evaluation and awards process (academic and co-curricular) will take place every year towards the end of the Spring Term. Awards will be communicated to parents at the end of Spring Term.

Because scholarships reflect each pupil’s personal engagement with the opportunities on offer at school, and because every child develops differently in their talents and interests as an individual, scholarship status will be reviewed annually.

Scholarship awards may well end up being retained for the whole of a pupil’s time at the School. Likewise, scholarship status may cease by pupil choice as their interests evolve away from a previously awarded scholarship talent, or be removed by the School should a pupil not be engaging with the opportunities and enrichment programmes associated with scholarship status. In all instances, the determining factor for achieving and retaining scholarship status will be a review of the pupil’s relevant achievements and their level of ongoing engagement with our enhanced enrichment and scholarship programmes.

Our hope and expectation, therefore, is that pupils see scholarship status as a mark of their success and commitment in areas of current passion and interest, rather than as a permanent obligation to an activity that they excelled at aged 11. Our Heads of Department and Co-curricular leaders will actively seek to encourage and nurture talent and commitment to support individual excellence at Truro School.

The Truro School Identity

Our school motto, Esse Quam Videri (to be, rather than to seem to be), captures the essence of our identity and is defined by the 5 C's below. Underpinned by strong Christian principles, we are a caring and inclusive community which values, nurtures and develops each individual.

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