Date Posted... Dec 3rd 2019

Judo Championships

Our Senior and Prep pupils have enjoyed recent successes in both the Peninsula Secondary Schools Judo Competition and the Cornish Open Judo Championships.

At Senior level, both Lulu and Henry competed at the Peninsula Secondary Schools Judo Competition. Not only was this Henry’s first competition as a Senior School pupil, but he also had fight up a weight category. He lost his first to a very tall opponent who took a dominant grip. His second he again gave away significant height, but a change in his tactics meant he kept his opponent away and put in some significant attacks with an eventual score. The scores were levelled, however, Henry capitalised when grappling on the floor to pin his opponent for the win. A well earned silver.

This was Lulu’s second ever competition, against Judoka 2-3 belts (5-8 grades) higher. However, she showed excellent development from the competition in early October. Lulu put up great resistance in the first two fights, managing to get some great attacks in before being pinned in her first and thrown for Ippon in her second. Against her third opponent Lulu kept on with the great attacks throwing her opponent for Waza-ari (half score) and transitioned straight into a ground hold to pin her for the win. This win sealed a 3rd place Bronze.

At Prep level, Harriet and Beth competed in the Cornish Open Judo Championships. Both did extremely well. Beth who fights in probably the most competitive group in the South West won Bronze, with superb spirit and Judo. She was very unlucky not to gain the Silver medal. Meanwhile Harriet, giving away a lot of size and weight, won all her fights except one gaining Silver against many higher graded Judoka. They should both be very proud of their achievements.

We were also pleased to hear that our Prep coach, Mr Piper, also secured a bronze this year at the British Masters Open Masters Championships at U.E.L. on Saturday 26th Oct. Well done Mr Piper.