Date Posted... Sep 1st 2021

5th Year Freddie makes Argyle history

5th Year Freddie has made history following his Argyle debut as the club’s youngest ever player. In an interview with the professional football club minutes after the final whistle blew, Freddie said, “I didn’t know that I broke the record. It was great but obviously we lost, so it’s mixed emotions.”

Freddie continued, “I knew but I was kind of keeping it on the lowdown. I trained yesterday and then I started telling my friends. I wasn’t too sure if I would come on, when I heard though, I started thinking about how I could affect the game and hopefully make an impact and do something to impress.”

Mr Sanderson, Truro School Director of Sport, said, “We are incredibly proud of Freddie and it is a fantastic achievement to have been selected to play for a professional football club at such a young age. Freddie has played football for Truro School across all age groups and has represented county and regional teams. Mr Hooper and the PE department have always been impressed by Freddie’s potential and talent and we are all looking forward to seeing Freddie influencing his peers in a positive way when he returns. We are looking forward to welcoming him back this Friday and hearing about his experiences.”

Well done Freddie!

Read the story in full here on the Plymouth Argyle website.

Image credit: Plymouth Argyle