Date Posted... Nov 14th 2023

Art Students’ Inspired by London

The annual London art trip is always an inspiring experience that serves as a source of inspiration for our 5th Year and A-Level students’ individual projects. During this trip, students visited renowned art institutions such as the National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery, Tate Modern, and The Courtauld. Which provided valuable references for their creative thinking styles and projects and also encouraged them to explore their own artistic potential.

Each student maintains a reflective journal where they delve into the elements that inspire them the most. This exercise allows them to further develop their creative process and enhance their artistic vision.

In addition to the gallery visits, the students also participated in a drawing workshop on the Thames, enabling them to sketch some of London’s most iconic landmarks, using their own artistic interpretation.

Students also chose to see The Moulin Rouge, a dazzling musical and visual extravaganza with references to renowned artists, such as Toulouse-Lautrec, and the thriving underground art scene.

Overall, the annual London art trip serves as a catalyst for artistic growth, both within the walls of prestigious art institutions and through the vibrant streets of London, but most importantly we want to create great memories that leave a lasting mark on their creative journeys.