Date Posted... Dec 15th 2020




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House cross-country events

Tuesday 8 December 2020
Year 3 and Year 4 cross-country
The woodland course consisted of a loop of the field, followed by a steady uphill run through the woods, before returning to the field for a flat finish.

Well done to everyone in Year 3, who competed in their first ever cross-country event this week, scoring points for their houses:
Top Year 3 girls: Megan (School), Hetty (Wickett) and Sophie (School)
Top Year 3 boys: Harley (Wickett), George (Smith) and Casper (Vinter)

Well done to Year 4, who all showed great determination in their event:
Top Year 4 girls: Lucy (School), Amelia (Wickett) and Chloe (Smith)
Top Year 4 boys: Elliot (Wickett), Sunny (School) and Sam (Wickett)

Wednesday 9 December 2020
Year 5 and Year 6 cross-country
The course consisted of a double loop of the field, before a steady uphill run through the woods, returning to the field for a fast, flat finish.
Congratulations to everyone in Year 5, who all did their very best in this event:
Top Year 5 girls: Sanna (Smith), Millie (Smith) and Rosie (Wickett)
Top Year 5 boys: James (Smith), Max (Smith) and Will S (School)

Well done to Year 6, who impressed us with their effort levels. There was an epic battle between Lucy and Felix for first place in their year group – it really could not have been any closer:

Top Year 6 girls: Lucy (School), Naomi (Smith) and Clara (Wickett)
Top Year 6 boys: Felix (Wickett), Maddox (School) and Jack (Vinter)