Date Posted... Feb 9th 2023

Truro School Pupils have a Royal Time at the National Maritime Museum

Two Truro School pupils were recognised for their outstanding talents at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall today, while a second group of pupils from Truro School Prep had an unexpected royal meet and greet during their school trip.

Two pupils from Truro Senior School, Daisy and Imogen, were scheduled to meet with Kate Middleton and Prince William, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge at the museum, having been chosen to represent the Young and Talented Cornwall group.

Meanwhile, the group of children from Truro School Prep was delighted and surprised to be a part of a visit by the royals to the museum. The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge, on their first official visit to Cornwall since taking their new titles, chatted to Truro School Prep pupils as they left the museum.

Daisy and Imogen, both at Truro School in Truro, Cornwall, were a part of the Young and Talented Cornwall group, set up to support individuals who have demonstrated outstanding talent in a particular field.

Imogen was recognised for her musical talent. She tells us, “I met the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge this morning at the Maritime Museum as an ambassador for Cornwall Young and Talented. I played the cello for them and then spoke to them at length about my music.”

Daisy was also acknowledged for her achievements in the sporting field. Daisy is an accomplished athlete, having taken part in Pentathlon for Team GB and competing in other national and regional competitions including Fencing and Pony Club.

Both girls were delighted to have had their achievements praised by Kate and Prince William and were proud to have represented their family, Truro School and Cornwall.

Meanwhile, children from Year 5 at Truro School Prep, in Truro, Cornwall, were also at the National Maritime Museum on a pre-arranged school trip. They were unaware that a royal visit had been planned.

Their trip was the culmination of their term’s topic on the Vikings. The children spent the morning taking part in a Vikings workshop, where they looked at maps, did a trading exercise in Viking goods, made their own coins and tested out Viking vessels in the model “sea” on the ground floor of the Museum.

The children were lucky to have been present as the Duke and Duchess left the museum. The royal couple spotted the children and came over, spending several minutes chatting about Vikings, lessons and being a chorister at Truro School and Truro Cathedral.

One pupil, George was able to joke with the Duke about football. He said, “we asked Prince William what team he supports and he said Aston Villa, which is disgraceful!”

Meanwhile, Kate commented on the fact that a number of the pupils were wearing shorts, despite the chilly February weather, remarking that the children were “just like my George.”

The children were thrilled to have met the royal couple and happy to explain what they had been learning about during their visit. Lexi said, “Kate asked us what we were doing, so we told her about the Vikings.” Kate responded by sharing her own experience testing out the Viking vessels at the museum.

The pair happily posed for photos and gave lots of high-fives before they headed off.