Date Posted... Oct 7th 2020

Runner up in national competition

Sixth Form student Charlotte recently found out she came runner up in a national competition.

Over summer, Waitrose held a national competition seeking an illustrated cover for their food magazine.

Inspired, Charlotte set about creating her cream tea picture.

She explained how she created her cover: “I was inspired to do this painting because I love painting in this style, and I love a cream tea. I baked some scones and set up the display. I then drew the display to get it perfect and used some watercolours on top to add some colour. The final details came next, such as outlining and adding highlights. Once all of that was done, the picture was finished.”

Including the baking of the scones and setting her display, the cover took a day and a half to create.

As she had a created such a tantalising cream tea, is Charlotte a jam or cream first person one would ask, “I would say that I am more of a jam then cream kind of person. The jam needs to go first so that you can spread it easily, and then the cream can be dolloped on top. Delicious!”