Date Posted... May 28th 2021

PE Word of the Week

Every week, the PE department has a ‘word of the week’ which represents the department’s eight values. PE teachers and coaches will be looking to see who can demonstrate actions that encompass the word during lessons, as well as those who are aiming to develop their understanding of what the word means. 


‘Accept responsibility for your actions, be accountable for your results and take ownership of your mistakes.’

Acts that show responsibility include:

  • Ensuring you are prepared and ready to learn for each lesson e.g. bringing correct equipment/kit. 
  • Taking responsibility for your independent study or prep.  
  • Being accountable for how you speak to others – draw on our previous word of the week: respect.  
  • Be a role model for others, especially those from different year groups. 

Pupils and/or groups chosen for best showing responsibility are:

1st Years:

Dulcie- showed great responsibility during the lesson by returning the bat for a member of the opposing team to help them out. They were a role model throughout the session.

Jack- a role model to others by verbally encouraging and adapting his technique to suit differing abilities.

1J in games- great behaviour in games. They showed real responsibility in looking after the equipment, keeping others safe and helping the game to run smoothly. Each person was respectful of all the guidelines and made the lesson run smoothly.

2nd Years:

Ankita- taking on responsibility of leading her house team when warming up.

Elsie and Georgia- taking and putting away equipment without being asked to.

2nd Year boys- led house games, set up teams, kept the scores and sorted any disputes. Cleared away all equipment.