Date Posted... Feb 29th 2024

Introducing Rachael Coward – Artist In Residence

We are excited to introduce Rachael Coward as our ‘artist in residence’ at Truro School. This role allows Rachael to immerse herself in the art department, allowing her to develop and share her expertise further within the school community. Rachael has a small, dedicated studio space where she works on installation, printmaking, and book works. Her interests lie in heritage, language, thresholds and place, and she is developing new skills in ceramics.

Rachael leads the WAA print club, introducing pupils to different printing processes. She is committed to broadening her knowledge by learning new techniques, conducting workshops, and imparting these skills to pupils. By participating in the WAA print club, pupils gain exposure to intricate printing techniques like screen printing and etching, which are often time-consuming and valuable additional skills for those looking to extend their artistic repertoires.

Dave Meads, Head of Art, explained the importance of having practising artists like Rachael within the department and how she forms part of an exciting and dynamic team within the department.

“Rachael’s expertise in installation brings a unique perspective to the school, enriching the learning experience for pupils. She engages with sixth-formers, helping critique their work and sharing insights from her practice. Rachael’s personal studio in the department also enhances the department’s skill set and inspires students to explore new artistic horizons beyond the classroom.”

Rachael studied Fine Art A-Level in Somerset and then moved to Falmouth, where she first did a year-long foundation course and then a degree in Fine Art. This cemented her career in art and her love of Cornwall. She is a former Co-Director of CAMP, a member-led network for Devon and Cornwall’s creative and visual arts community. She is also an art educator and facilitator, frequently working with young people and families. She has recently worked with Tate, Milton Keynes Arts Centre and the South West Heritage Trust.