Date Posted... Mar 18th 2021

International Ski Academy Success

Following success at the British Championships, 12-year-old Felix was selected to join the Apex2100 International Ski Academy in Tignes, one of the world’s leading ski academies for young skiers. Felix enrolled in the performance programme in December and we were delighted to receive these photos and an update on his training prior to his return to Truro School next term.

With education remaining centre-stage Felix’s schedule has been a continuous balance of academic curriculum with ski coaching and performance training. Felix commented, “We are out the door by 8.30am for ski training and we spend about four hours in the morning training, either skiing slalom or giant slalom. We have been really lucky that the ski lifts have remained open for us when they have been closed to the public. We are only allowed to train because we have race licences. Sadly, there have been no races this winter due to Covid 19.

He continued: “We return to school in time for lunch and start school at 2.00pm. We then have lessons until 5.40pm. This also includes one or two periods of S&C which includes strength, yoga, balance, Pilates, hand eye coordination, core and eye gym on the computer which improves your hand eye coordination. It is a long day and I normally sleep very well! On Saturdays we have lessons all day and on Sundays I usually get a day off but sometimes we ski in the mornings.”

Commenting on his time in the programme and his friends at Truro School, Felix said: “It has been a great winter and I know how lucky I am to have been out here while everyone at home has been in Lockdown. I am really looking forward to coming home, seeing everyone at Truro School, getting in the water and getting back into all the summer sports at school.”

Director of Sport, Dan Sanderson commented: “It has been lovely seeing what Felix has been up to over the winter. Felix is part of a world-class training programme which also allows him to focus on his school work, to ensure a balanced learning environment. We are really looking forward to Felix returning to Truro School and sharing his experiences. I know that his friends are missing him greatly. Felix is a talented young man across a range of disciplines and I am pleased that he has had this opportunity to explore his talents.”