Date Posted... Apr 30th 2024

Gwennap Pit – Exploring Methodist History

Gwennap Pit, a hidden gem with a rich historical background, was once praised by John Wesley as “the most magnificent spectacle this side of heaven.” Over the weekend, 23 of our boarders, accompanied by Reverend Helen, explored this remarkable piece of Methodist history.

Originally formed by a collapsed mine shaft, this conical pit was transformed in the 1700s into an open-air amphitheatre for sermons attended by the local mining community. With its quaint little church and amphitheatre seating 1500, it continues to host Methodist services, preserving its iconic status in Methodist history.

Special thanks to local experts Tony and Jenny for their insightful discussions about the site and for awarding certificates to those who undertook the one-mile walking challenge around the pit’s tiers.

It was a beautifully serene place for our boarders to spend a sunny afternoon