Date Posted... Feb 2nd 2024

Finding Fun in Fitness at Truro School Prep

At Truro School Prep, we want every child to be active and to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our inclusive PE and Games curriculum is designed to ensure that physical activity is something every child enjoys and thrives in, regardless of their ability.

The impact of PE and Games is far-reaching; through physical activity, children develop their communication and social skills, which, in turn, improves their self-esteem and resilience, and consequently their academic achievement.

There are also significant benefits for their mental well-being, including boosting mood and reducing anxiety.

Truro School Prep offers an extensive curricular and extra-curricular sports provision and one small part of our offering is our Fun Fit programme, designed to improve coordination, core stability and balance. Run daily for a small group of children, the focus is to develop the confidence of these pupils by giving them the courage to try different motor coordination activities.

Sessions can start with sensory activities, such as body drumming and body awareness activities, like touching your nose with your eyes shut.

Core stability activities, such as standing on the wobble cushions, wobble discs and the indo board, help our children develop their balance.

Yoga mats are often used for various strength and conditioning activities, such as basic core exercises.

Coordination is developed with movement fundamentals, through activities like hopping, speed bounces (jumping side to side) and basic ladder work.

Balloons and different types of balls, including quoits and bean bags are adapted for throwing and catching activities.

Fun Fit is delivered at Truro School Prep for 20 minutes every day, which means that we have seen significant improvements in the coordination and self-esteem of those children who regularly attend the sessions.

We hope that their improved motor coordination skills will also help them with daily activities such as pen control and engaging in all aspects of PE.

Our Fun Fitters have also improved key learning skills, such as listening, following instructions, metacognition, problem-solving and communication.

We want to thank Mrs Luxton and Mr Lord who run these brilliant sessions and look forward to sharing more information about our wider PE and Games curriculum as the year progresses.