Date Posted... Oct 20th 2022




Prep Sports

Determination on Display at Girls’ Hockey Festival

Year 4 girls travelled to the hockey park at Marjons, Plymouth for the annual hockey festival (hosted and organised by Plymouth College) on 13 October.

Our team from Truro School Prep played three matches (consisting of eight minutes each way) against teams from Mount Kelly School, Stover School and Plymouth College.

It was a fantastic experience and exciting to see the overall player development during this festival. The girls had an opportunity to practise their individual skills, develop their knowledge of the rules of mini-hockey and increase their tactical understanding of the game.

Some of the team were playing in their first hockey festival, while others are already playing for local hockey clubs at the weekends.

The team won their first game against Mount Kelly School but narrowly lost their next games against Plymouth College and Stover School.

What did the girls think?
‘I really liked working as a team.’ Alyssia
‘I enjoyed scoring a goal for the school.’ Florence
‘It was a great to be chosen as player of the match by the other team.’ Tilda and Ellie

Well done to all of the girls who took part and thanks to Mrs Luxton for the wonderful festival report and photos.