Date Posted... Jun 10th 2022

Determination Galore for Year 5’s Coast to Coast Ride

Year 5SL took on a huge cycling challenge this week as they completed the Cornish Coast to Coast trail. The ride follows the route of the old tin mining trails and encompasses all sorts of terrain. Some of the sections are along very quiet green lanes, others are on wide moorland paths or ancient bridleways.

Around Twelveheads, there is a large section of the landscape which is barren – in fact, the locals call it ‘Mars’ – featuring a hillside of tracks, jumps and trails. Our children remarked:

‘Downhill was really fun when you were going fast.’ Nathaniel

‘I liked going down the fast hills.’ Amelia

‘It was nice going down steep hills.’ Arthur

I enjoyed going fast downhill, hitting a jump and getting some air.’ Sunny

At Bissoe, there is a skills area, with small jumps, rollers and drops. The children said:

‘I really liked the jumps.’ Henry M

The final section of the trail between Bissoe and Devoran has some wide flatter sections, including riding through a long section of water, alongside the stream.

‘The big puddle got everyone wet!’ Reuben

This cycle ride is an important part of the explore and discover sections of the John Muir Award. The Award encourages people of all backgrounds to connect with, enjoy and care for wild places. Essentially, it is an environmental award scheme focused on wild places. The children told us:

‘I liked it when we sat down for lunch in the woods and I saw a squirrel.’ Georgia

The spot where we had lunch was really interesting. It felt completely wild.’ Isobel

As always, we are extremely impressed with the determination and positivity with which our pupils face challenges like this. It is a pleasure to see their curiosity blossom and their confidence grow. With thanks to Mrs Luxton for her role in this event and the fantastic photos and report, and to all of the staff who make these experiences possible.