Date Posted... Jan 13th 2023




Prep Sports

Confidence and Growth for Years 5 & 6 in Netball

Year 6 netball

The U11 girls played a great game of netball against Mount Kelly School on Wednesday.

In recent training sessions, we have been working on receiving the ball on the move, and I was so impressed with how well the girls put these skills into practice within the game. Passes were linked at speed and all girls were constantly looking to move into space.

Amelia and Honey were chosen by Mount Kelly as our players of the match, however, I think all girls were worthy of the accolade this week.

We have lots more fixtures in the calendar over the coming weeks and I look forward to seeing the girls build on the success of their skills today.

Lucie Egford


Year 5 netball

Our Year 5 netball teams made excellent progress during their matches yesterday against Mount Kelly School.

Both teams developed their positional awareness and game understanding. They played with increasing confidence – passing the ball more accurately and timing their movement off the ball into space more carefully.

Special mention to Maya and Lexi for their consistent shooting during the afternoon. Well done to both Jenny and Hetty, who were chosen as players of the match by Mount Kelly School.

Any children interested in playing netball are welcome to come to our after-school club on Wednesdays and the Monday lunchtime matchplay club.

Sally Luxton