Date Posted... Apr 19th 2024




Prep Sports

Courage and Confidence for Thursday Afternoon Activities

What a wonderful afternoon for our Year 5s and 6s to start their summer term of Thursday afternoon activities.

This term the groups will rotate around a plethora of activities including dance, gardening, water sports and learning about what it takes to be a sports leader.

6DG are in the saddle this term as they take on the challenge of BMX’ing at the BMX Centre in Blackwater. Each Year 6 class gets to experience this exciting sport, which teaches a range of skills including balance and coordination.

For many of our pupils, this is the first time they have attempted BMX’ing and, arriving at the centre, it can feel intimidating as they take in the course complete with hills and jumps.

It is always wonderful to see the courage our pupils show and their confidence growing as they learn how to navigate the course and soon look quite at home on their bikes.

We look forward to sharing more from our different activities as the term progresses.