Date Posted... Dec 3rd 2019




Prep Sports

Bryanston Invitational Hockey Tournament

Wednesday 13 November 2019

We were extremely fortunate with the weather at Bryanston School in Dorset – a clear, chilly day, with the exception of one downpour.

With twenty schools attending, this tournament provided all of the teams with two rounds of matches.

In the group rounds, we played against teams from Salisbury Cathedral, Dumpton and Walhampton Schools. The standard of play was high, which forced our players to play to the best of their ability. Our team gained invaluable experience through playing against different teams to normal.

In the afternoon, we played in the Championship round. Our opponents were the following teams: Ballard School, Dolphin School, Hanford School and Clayesmore School.

On our return journey to Cornwall, as the temperature dropped even lower, we spotted several gritter lorries, snowy Dartmoor hills and faced torrential hail and sleet showers.

Well done to all of our players and staff for coping with such a long and rewarding day.

Squad: Harriet, Beth, Zara, Imogen, Ella, Beatrice, Flo and Grace