Date Posted... Nov 17th 2023

Anti-Bullying Week

Truro School celebrated Anti-Bullying Week, beginning with a colourful Odd Socks Day to engage the community. The week featured diverse sessions and reflections to raise awareness and provide an emphasis on prevention and effective responses. The school is dedicated to fostering a kind, caring, safe environment for all pupils and in a school assembly, the focus was on creating a sense of belonging, respect, and togetherness through the positive chain reaction of comfort, connection, and contribution.

Each year group addressed specific anti-bullying aspects, with initiatives including Sixth Form ACHE counsellors emphasising their role as mentors. Being an ACHE counsellor is a goal many of our students in Sixth Form strive for. It requires courage, empathy, and a significant investment of time. This comprehensive 16-week training program prepares students to become peer mentors to offer guidance and support within our school community. Read more about our ACHE program here.