Date Posted... Nov 17th 2020

Ruthless “Done to perfection”

The Burrell Theatre became the dark and gloomy house of Dr Armitage as part of the A-Level Theatre Studies students examined performance ‘Ruthless’. The play was livestreamed to YouTube as well as some fellow Upper Sixth students watching live in the theatre.

Tristan (played by Guy) seeks information on his deceased father who led a secret career as a scientist. Answering a letter from Dr Ruth Armitage (Lara) who worked with Tristan’s father, he pays her a visit to her secluded home.

Soon after his arrival he is trapped in her rickety house. Serafina (Steph) appears. A twisted, gaunt, cannibal creature, she appears from the floorboards and gives Tristan the fright of his life. She rips at his arm desperate for his flesh. 

It soon becomes clear that there is no way to escape for Tristan.

Dr Armitage is out for revenge. Born in a lab, Serafina was experimented on and tortured by her fellow scientists to become the creepy creature. The plot thickens. Dr Armitage is the creature’s biological mother. Her former colleagues are dead, set loose to Serafina’s crazed hunger.  

Tristan must decide how to play the situation. 

Created and written by the students themselves, the story is a gothic horror piece loosely based on Frankenstein, with a feel of Inside Number Nine.

Alex, Helena, Jenny, Marie, Monty, and Ondre played the murdered scientists.

A special thank you to everyone involved in this incredible production. Full credits below.

Teacher: Mr Ben Oldfield
Direction: A-Level Drama Group

Serafina – Steph
Ruth – Lara
Tristan – Guy

Additional Performances by:  Mr Ben Oldfield, Alex, Helena, Jenny, Marie, Monty, Ondre
Conceptual Design:  A-Level Drama Group
Scenic Artist: Ms Sandra Goodenough
Construction: Mr Swen Kearey, Ms Sandra Goodenough, Mr Ben Oldfield
Visual Content Filmed on Location by: Mr Ben Oldfield, Steph


Visual Content Produced by: Mr Swen Kearey
Visual Programmer: Matt Sinkins
Visual Operator: Matt Sinkins
Lighting Design: Mr Swen Kearey
Associate Lighting Design: A-Level Drama Group, Mr Ben Oldfield
Lighting Programmer: Matt Sinkins
Lighting Operator: Jenny Douce
Sound Design: Mr Swen Kearey
Associate Sound Design: A-Level Drama Group, Mr Ben Oldfield
Sound Operator: Matt Sinkins

Stage Manager: Matt Sinkins
Stream Director: Ms Sandra Goodenough
Vision Mixer: Ms Sandra Goodenough
Stream Sound Design: Mr Swen Kearey
Stream Sound Mixer: Mr Swen Kearey
Producer: Mr Ben Oldfield
Technical Production Manager: Mr Swen Kearey
Executive Producers: Mrs Zoe Jobling, Mr Mark Vanstone, Mr Kieran Topping
Music: ‘Into My Arms’ – Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds (used for educational purposes)
With thanks to Mr Beechey-Newman, for the provision of the tea trolley, Mrs Caton, for the use of Bochym Manor, Ms Johanna Egar