Date Posted... Mar 18th 2022

A Busy Time at Truro School Prep

As the weather cleared to give us a much-needed burst of sunshine, Truro School Prep was a hive of activity this week.

There have been some delightful sounds coming from the Pre-Prep as the children learnt how to play different notes on a xylophone. Meanwhile, Mrs Ashdown was getting ready for Easter, as the children created some beautiful pictures of Easter eggs in art.

In Year 4, the classes have been learning about story-telling through drama. They have been making use of our fabulous stage in the hall to help them to feel like real actors!

In Science, the Year 4s have been learning about materials. They have been thinking about insulation and testing out different materials to see which ones are best at keeping something cool. By measuring the time it takes for an ice cube to melt, they can see if their predictions are accurate and which materials make the best insulators.

There was plenty of sporting action too as the Year 6 girls hosted an exciting football match, while the Year 5s practised their shooting and passing skills in netball.

What an exciting day for all!