Date Posted... Sep 24th 2021




Prep Sports

A Busy Morning at Truro School Prep

It was a busy Friday morning at Truro School Prep, and creativity, curiosity, and confidence were on display in abundance.

The Year 4 classes were getting active, improving their balance by attempting headstands in the Sports Hall, while others were perfecting their breaststroke in the pool.

There was French for both Reception and Year 5. The Reception children were learning bleu, blanc, rouge and colouring in the French Tricolour. The Year 5s were learning beyond the curriculum to celebrate International Day of Languages (this September the 26th) by using their French skills to navigate an escape room.

There was also DT for some of the Year 5s, working with Mrs Sparkes to create curved marine animals from wood by safely using a coping saw.

Year 2 were working hard on their number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. And Year 3 managed to have some time in the library to choose a new book to take home.

Impeccable behaviour was on display as the Year 6 classes worked on War Horse. They were fairly gruesome in their predictions about the fate of the characters, and their enthusiasm for the text was lovely to see.

Before a delicious lunch of fish and chips, there was a Pre-Prep celebration assembly for the Nursery and Reception Children. So many pupils had finished their sticker charts this week, the line was almost as long as the hall. Well done to everyone who received a commendation this week.

We hope you enjoy looking at some photos from the morning.