Date Posted... Jan 13th 2022




Prep Sports

House Cross Country at The Prep

House cross country events

Tuesday 11th January and Wednesday 12th January 2022

‘Thank you for organising such a positive event. We appreciate the effort and organisation taken… there was such a wonderful spirit to the afternoon.’ Year 5 parent

The three core values of courage, compassion and confidence were evident in our house cross country events this week.

We are actively promoting courage and confidence – when someone does the best that they can, in sport and life – so that our children understand that it is about taking part and improvement, not just about winning.

The value of compassion was in abundance. A few snapshots from the afternoons include: noisily cheering and supporting each other during the races, noticing and encouraging each other when the going gets tough, and congratulating each other after the event.

I am delighted to see that the children are learning about passion – giving it 100%, putting your heart and soul into something and never giving up – these are values that will stay with them for life.

It was brilliant to see how sport can help to promote self-belief. A pupil in Year 3 told me proudly afterwards, ‘I didn’t know I could do that!’ What a wonderful moment. The children now understand that you just have to believe in yourself to achieve.

Thank you to all the parents who come to watch these events. We appreciate your support and your overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Cross country clubs are held on Wednesdays (Year 3 and 4) and Thursdays after-school.

Top three finishers

Year 3: Lissie, Tilda and Aria, Henry, Fitzwilliam and Daniel

Year 4: Megan, Eleanor and Amelia, Archie, Isaac and Jake

Year 5: Sarah, Winnie and Amelia, Sunny, Archie and Teddy

Year 6: Daisy, Rosie and Millie, Dan, James and Max


Sally Luxton