Date Posted... Jan 24th 2020




Prep Sports

Year 5 & 6 Swimming Gala

On Tuesday 21st January all the Year 5 and 6 pupils set out for the swimming pool at Truro School Senior for their house gala.

With over one hundred children swimming in 112 heats the atmosphere was vibrant. Many thanks must go to the parents for their attendance, cheers of support and efforts to ensure all the children were appropriately equipped for the gala.

Every swim gained points for each house. Vinter took an early lead which they managed to maintain coming first with 288 points. Coming in close second was Smith with a total of 277 points followed by Wickett amassing 240 points and School with 109 points.

There were several very close races to keep the place judges on alert. The standard of swimming was high and the event saw four school records broken.

Year 5

Victor Ludorum – Joe O
Runner Up – Toby H

Victrix Ludorum – Lilly L
Runner Up – Lola S

New Records:

25m Front Crawl (Girls) Lilly L 15.98
50m Front Crawl (Girls) Lilly L 37.26

Year 6

Victor Ludorum – Benjamin O
Runner Up – Luke M

Victrix Ludorum – Harriet S
Runner Up – Annabel H

Morgan Cup (boys)     50m Benjamin O
Goddard Cup (girls)    50m Harriet S

New Records:

25m Board Race (Girls) Annabel H 18.43
25m Fins Race (Boys) Luke M 14.93