Date Posted... Oct 20th 2023

Enlightening and Immersive Artistic Journey

In a superb gathering last night, a private viewing showcased the enlightening and immersive journey of artist Pete Ward. The display has been curated with support from Truro School A-Level art students who selected pieces from the Heseltine Collection as a catalyst to express their own views on the contemporary Cornish landscape in relation to first-hand experiences.

Pete Ward has been a prominent figure in earth pigment research and painting within the United Kingdom for nearly two decades. His artistic odyssey commenced in the captivating landscapes of North Devon, where he meticulously explored the local significance of Bideford Black pigment. Over the years, his endeavours have grown exponentially, with significant contributions to esteemed national and international exhibitions, projects, and publications.

This extraordinary exhibition serves as a remarkable convergence of all aspects of Peter’s extensive interdisciplinary creative practice. It’s a first-of-its-kind display, featuring hand-foraged and intricately processed earth pigments from the rich terrains of Devon and Cornwall. Peter finds his artistic inspiration in Cornwall’s stunning West Penwith region.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Annie-May Roberts for her invaluable support in bringing this exhibition to life.

The exhibition will be open for viewings on:

Saturday and Sunday 21/22 October 10am – 3pm
Saturday and Sunday 28/29 October 10am – 3pm
Saturday and Sunday 4/5 November 10am – 3pm
Saturday and Sunday 11/12 November 10am – 3pm
Saturday and Sunday 18/19 November 10am – 3pm
Saturday 25 November 10am – 3pm

Combined Truro Schools Project

Running alongside the exhibition, Pete Ward was hosting a workshop on earth pigments from Devon and Cornwall with pupils from Truro’s school community. The Combined Truro Schools Project aims to connect schools from the local area (Truro School, Truro High, Richard Lander, Penair and Roseland Schools) to work on art projects that will stimulate learning opportunities and shared inspiration.

Under by Pete Ward’s guidance, pupils were tasked with making paints from Cornish pigments that they then used to create individual and a large, group painting.

Surrounded by works from Pete’s exhibition, it was a fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable day for the pupils involved. A huge thanks to Pete Ward, Mike Brett and to all of the staff who made the day possible.