Date Posted... Mar 25th 2022

Whole School Charity Drive Begins to Bloom

Flowers have been blooming across the School this week, on postcards as well as in the ground.

Truro School pupils have been taking part in a whole school charity drive to raise money for displaced Ukrainian refugees. They have been tasked with creating a piece of art centred on national flowers.

These miniature works of art are being gathered to go on display as a whole school art installation in the Heseltine Gallery, with help from the Chemistry Department and the Art Department.

The postcards will sit alongside larger art scholar work and all of the work will be auctioned off, via an online auction, at the end of next week.

Details of this will follow.

A huge thanks go to Dr Brogden, Mr O’Connor and Mrs Wormald and all of the staff and pupils who have worked so hard to bring this wonderful idea to life. A special thanks to 2K for helping to hang the artwork.