Date Posted... Feb 9th 2023

Log-relays and Burpees in Army Fitness

Twenty-three keen and ambitious recruits showed up on Wednesday afternoon for British Army Fitness Training. Each week Miss Lobb puts the recruits through their paces on the sports pitches and broader Truro School grounds. The sessions start with a good warm-up, followed by sit-ups and burpees. This week’s challenge was a tough 200m log-run relay with their teams. Each log weighs between 2-5kg, which definitely starts to feel much heavier after a few hundred metres. Each team must do five more burpees if the log touches the floor. A log-hurdle relay and other log-related activities followed this.

British Army fitness is all about strength and cardio training, and our pupils are out in the fresh air whatever the weather. Mrs Lobb said, “our teams get muddy, out of breath and will ache the next day, but it is a very social way to build health and fitness.” It was great to see grit, resilience and admirable teamwork in yesterday’s activities, well done everyone.