Date Posted... Nov 17th 2021




Year 6 Investigate Parcels for the Boys

The Year 6’s spent the day at Kresen Kernow (The Cornish Record Office) investigating the idea of ‘Parcels for Boys’.

During World War I, parcels and letters from home was a vital form of support and connection for soldiers on the front line. The British Army Postal Service delivered roughly 2 billion letters during the First World War, and an estimated 19,000 bags of post travelled across the Channel every day during 1917.

Our children investigated letters and other documents which had been sent to and from Cornish soldiers and families. They also looked at one Newquay school to see what sort of things had been sent out by them to the men in the trenches during WWI.

The children were also lucky enough to be given a tour around the Record Office’s Strongroom as well.

With thanks to all of the staff and pupils who made this trip so enjoyable.