Date Posted... Nov 21st 2023

You Are What You Eat

Diet and nutrition is a core module in the 2nd Year biology syllabus, with pupils learning about the components of a well-balanced diet. They are taught how to conduct food test experiments to detect carbohydrates, fat and proteins in various food items.

In today’s class, pupils conducted tests for lipids, starch, glucose and proteins on a specially formulated “wonder food” that claims to provide all the necessary nutrients for a balanced diet, especially suitable for astronauts.

Pupils ran experiments on the food to determine if it contained the essential components required for a balanced diet. They analysed their findings and explored potential ways in which the food could be enhanced to fully meet its claimed nutritional benefits.

Practical experiments are an essential part of pupil learning and provide an excellent opportunity to acquire and practise good lab skills and teach pupils to gather, organise and evaluate their own data.