Date Posted... Feb 15th 2022




Year 6 Youth Speaks Competition

Youth Speaks 2022 – Runners-up

Smashing stereotypes: The judges’ feedback

‘Thank you very much for participating in Youth Speaks this year. Once again, your school’s effort to do so during the pandemic is very much appreciated.’
Julian Herbert, Youth Speaks Co-ordinator

Congratulations to our Youth Speaks team – Archie (Chairperson), Gabriel (Speaker) and Evelyn (Vote of thanks) – as we have just heard from the Rotary that they came, runners-up to Devoran School in this year’s Youth Speaks competition.

Other schools’ chosen subjects varied widely, from ‘Solving the invisible problem of microplastics’ to ‘How can children manage their addiction to electronics?’
Feedback from the judges about our presentation mentioned the following points about our smashing team: Archie’s clear voice, Gabriel’s accomplished speech – which they said was very well-constructed, and his delivery was very strong, and Evelyn’s strong voice and good teamwork.

As usual, the standard was very high. The judges decided that each of the ‘runners-up’ schools should receive school funds for their libraries. Each team member has also received a certificate to mark their participation.

Sally Luxton