Date Posted... Feb 12th 2020

Year 5 step back in time to the Vikings

Year 5 spent the day exercising all their Viking knowledge at the National Maritime Museum, Falmouth.

Starting the day with an energising snack and a game of ‘sailor went to sea, sea, sea’ to get them into the maritime mood, the children headed off in their respective groups to explore.

Easily spotting native Viking countries, the children then identified where the Vikings invaded, and saw for themselves the items that would’ve been traded, including middle eastern spices and Scandinavian wool, wolf’s fur and Cow’s horns and combs.

The young historians divided into two groups to see the items they’d be trading with each other, taking it in turns to nominate a team leader who would be in charge of securing a good trade deal.

After some very hard fought trading, it was time to make their own Viking coins, stamping a mould into a pewter coin using a hammer.