Date Posted... Jun 25th 2021




Year 5 ride the waves

Year 5 and Year 6 had fun in the sun on their surf days at Gwithian beach earlier this week.

Surf conditions were quite different on both days: Year 5 had a cloudy day, with a strong cross-shore wind and 2-3 foot surf, whereas Year 6 had a cleaner wave, with bright, sunny conditions.

The children had a brilliant time playing beach games, bodyboarding and surfing, organised by Global boarders.

A highlight was a brief bit of coasteering; jumping off the rocks into a deep pool of water, with the incoming tide crashing against the rocks.

What did the children think?

‘It was fun doing the different things. I liked it in the dumpy surf.’ Sanna, Year 5

‘I enjoyed it a lot, especially since it was my first-time surfing. I think you would really like it too. They even let us do a bit of coasteering.’ Finley, Year 5

‘It was really cool standing up – it’s more fun because you get to control the board.’ Archie, Year 5

‘It was great because we hadn’t been on a school trip for ages. It was nice when we got to jump from the rocks into the wild pool.’ Evelyn, Year 5

‘It was fun because I hadn’t been surfing in a while.’ Lowen, Year 5