Date Posted... Oct 9th 2020

World Mental Health Day 2020

Tomorrow marks World Mental Health Day 2020, and this year the theme is #doonething.

After a particularly tough year for many, it is even more important to check in with our own wellbeing, as well as looking out for others around us.

Mr Johnson said: “This Saturday is Mental Health Awareness Day. In any school year mental health matters everyday, and the purpose of a nominated date is to remind us of that ongoing responsibility. I am pleased our school is an environment in which pupils feel they can ask for help from peers or staff when they struggle, and encourage anyone, child or adult, who is in that position to do the same.”

Our pastoral team have put together some suggestions that could make us feel that bit better this weekend, and to get involved with #doonething.

Mel, our school counsellor, would like to challenge everyone to do one act of kindness this weekend. Write it on a piece of paper with your name on or anonymously and put it in the ‘act of kindness post box’ next week. The post box is outside Mr Hooper’s office.

Mrs Ellison would like everyone to spend some time this weekend reflecting on their use of social media. How do you use social media positively – maybe to stay in touch with friends and share news? Are there any ways social media impacts negatively on your life or those of others? Can you change your habits to focus on the positive aspects and send one positive message to someone else.

Mrs Jobling suggests over the weekend you go out to do something active and try to link it in with being kind to the environment.

The Rev. and the Head will be picking up on the theme of Mental Wellbeing next week in Chapel and Whole School Assembly.

Whatever you decide to do this weekend, we hope you will find time for the things you love and time for your friends and family.

For more information on World Mental Health Day, visit the Mind website. 

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