Date Posted... Apr 19th 2020

Virtual co-curricular is LIVE

Dear Senior Pupils and Parents,

Truro School Virtual Co-curricular is up and running.

Moodle is the platform pupils should visit to access all the co-curricular activities and Wednesday Afternoon Activities that are on offer. The range of activities looks different to the normal Summer Term offering, but staff have been busy coming up with creative solutions, so hopefully there will be something there of interest for every pupil. All pupils should access the Moodle page through RM Unify and click on ‘co-curricular’.

Suggested Expectation

Pupils are being asked to participate in one Wednesday activity each week, one co-curricular activity each week, perhaps at a lunchtime or after school, and also to complete a minimum of 30 minutes physical activity every day, ideas are available via the PE department Moodle page, where there are a range of workouts, challenges or tasks.

We understand that every family circumstance is different, so we are asking you as parents to set the correct limits for your children.

Here is what is on Moodle so far, but the range is likely to extend over the next couple of weeks. Pupils are able to swap and change each week so they can try a variety of activities. Form tutors will be asking pupils how they are getting on.

If you have any suggestions or feedback please get in touch. We would love to hear how you are getting on and if you want to send any photos through it would be great to see how you are all getting on ([email protected]).