Date Posted... Apr 1st 2021




View from the Chamber- April 2021

The pubs are open, and the sun is shininghurrah! It’s a shame we need woolly hat and gloves whilst sipping our beer, but I’ll take it! I’m definitely feeling that things are moving in the right direction both from a personal and a business perspective, and the UK’s vaccination programme should (fingers crossed) mean that the only way is up. 

It’s coming up to one of my favourite times of the year, when we announce Cornwall Chambers 30 Under 30; the rising stars who are doing remarkable things in Cornish business, all before their 30th birthday. The awards, sponsored by Truro and Penwith College and supported by Pirate FM, recognise 30 of the Duchy’s most innovative young businesspeople in Cornwall. 

Nominations can come from friends, family, colleagues or the individual themselves. The judges are looking for nominations that represent the true diversity Cornwall has to offer and the unique contribution these passionate and talented people are adding to the Duchy.  

This year, the 30 Under 30 awards coincide with the launch of ‘Surge’, a new group set up by Cornwall Chamber to support young businesspeople in Cornwall. 

Often, companies allocate senior members of staff to attend Chamber events and their young employees get left behind in the officeOpportunities are limited when it comes to broadening their knowledge, making connections and essentially forging a career. 

Surge members will have their own Chamber events tailored to their interests and career development needs. The group will provide a fantastic support circle through which to learn, socialise and network.  

I think it’s crucially important that groups like this exist so that young businesspeople can thrive in Cornwall and stay here! Things are gathering pace quickly as far as innovation and attention on the Duchy is concerned – and this is only going to increase with the G7 summit here in June. 

I’m doing a lot of work in the lead up to G7 to ensure the event leaves a lasting legacy in Cornwall and one we can build on to create more jobs and better opportunities for the next generation and generations to come.  

The global focus on climate change plays to Cornwall’s strengths. The future of industry will be about harnessing energy from the sea, creating products naturally from what we have, and living off the land. Cornwall is pretty great at doing all of those things. 

If we do this right, Cornwall will be at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to choosing location to invest money in, develop new green technologies, and start a business. It’s already the place to be from a mental health perspective, but my hope is that through investment, it will soon deliver on well paid jobs and accessible housing as well 

Kim Conchie

Chief Executive Cornwall Chamber of Commerce 

DeputLord Lieutenant 

Old Truronian Parent & Truro School Foundation Trustee 


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