Date Posted... May 22nd 2020

VE Day Pizzas

Within activities, there have been two different strands – a three-week block of wild outdoor tasks; including tree ID, planting vegetables and flowers for wildlife and ageing trees.

The other key strand has been cookery – a three-week block focused on developing basic cookery skills; VE day pizzas, Victoria sponge, baked beans on toast, and soup with either flat bread or soda bread.

Here was their cookery task for VE day pizzas:

Bases – homemade, bought, scone mix, bread, paninis, ciabatta, flat breads
Tin tomatoes mixed with some puree, herbs (especially basil), garlic and seasoning. You can also buy jars already prepared.
Cheese – one type or a mixture. Your choice.
Your choice of toppings – whatever you have
Remember – if you pile too much on, it can sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide off.
Remember safety and good hygiene
Create and enjoy

Have a look at the incredible range of pizza designs in our photo gallery…