Date Posted... Apr 23rd 2024





Up, Up and Away in Nursery

Mrs Banks and the Nursery team took their transport topics to new heights with the arrival of a hot air balloon at Truro School Prep.

The Nursery children were first treated to a talk from Tilly and Rose’s mum, Veryan Palmer, who is Hotel Director at the Headland Hotel where the balloon is kept. The children had previously read a story about a hot air balloon and had lots of questions that they needed to answer including, how many people can you fit into the balloon and how does it inflate?

Out on the field, the excited children were able to explore first-hand the different features of the balloon including the basket that carries passengers and the balloon envelope that inflates with air. Nursery were then joined by the rest of the Prep School and staff; many of whom had never seen a hot air balloon up close before.

Safely tethered to the ground, the burners were lit and the balloon was inflated, much to the delight of everyone present.

All of our pupils were simply ecstatic to be up close to such an incredible form of transport and we would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Banks, Veryan, Pilot John Armstrong and the rest of the crew from the Headland Hotel. It was a truly memorable morning for all.