Date Posted... Mar 21st 2024

Two high-flying Sixth Formers

Sixth Former, Theo W developed an early passion for aviation and was able to fly a plane before legally being able to drive a car.

Theo joins fellow sixth former Aimee W as two students recently offered prestigious aviation opportunities. Aimee has been offered a degree apprenticeship with Airbus, and Theo his L3 Harris ATPL, which will give him seven months of ground school followed by eight months of training in Florida.

Aimee, currently studying Maths, Physics, DT and Leiths, was keen to follow the degree apprenticeship route, which offers a degree and four years of industry work experience. Airbus’ schemes are highly sought after and are renowned for their commercial plane aerospace engineering and involvement in the space industry, potentially presenting exciting opportunities for Aimee in space engineering.

Theo’s aspirations to fly long-haul on major commercial airlines align perfectly with his decision to pursue a vocational course over a traditional university education.

With fantastic support from the Careers and Sixth Form teams, students successfully navigated rigorous application processes, including medical assessments, interviews and aptitude tests, to secure their positions in these esteemed programs.

Theo also sought guidance from BA pilot and Old Truronian, Anthony Oliver (CO’03) who was very happy to provide Theo with some excellent industry advice.

We extend our best wishes to Theo and Aimee as they head towards their A-Level exams and soar towards their aviation dreams.