Date Posted... Jun 17th 2021

Tom wins Football Rising Star of the Year Award

Recently Mandy Kimmins, Chair at St Agnes AFC, emailed Head Andy Johnson to update the School of Fred and Tom’s DofE volunteering progress, as they’ve moved from Bronze to Silver.

Mandy said: “I’m emailing again to let you know how proud you should be of Fred and Tom for their input as volunteers at St Agnes AFC as part of their DofE volunteering. Both boys have gone way beyond the expected hours, developed as coaches and created a real positive difference to the players and coaches they have worked with.

“Further to their coaching I am very proud to tell you that during Lockdown’s this year Tom has stepped up to another level firstly getting involved with an adult disability ‘keeping in touch’ initiative by completing fitness challenges as part of the group and raising sponsorship. Tom also created handmade cards as football collages and wrote handwritten letters to members of both adult and youth disability teams which were received so well by parents and players alike, some of whom were really struggling owing to isolation.”

Because of this extra amazing input, Tom was nominated for an award, and won the Cornwall County FA Grassroots Football Rising Star of the Year Award 2021.

Mandy added: “Well done to both boys for doing such a fabulous effort at their volunteering and an extra special well done to Tom for winning this prestigious award!”

As one of the coaches who worked with him commented, he ‘really is a quite exceptional young man!’