Date Posted... Feb 13th 2020

Thousands of hours dedicated to DofE award

Last week the participants of the Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE) received their bronze and silver awards.

In total, 166 Truro School participants had completed their respective awards across all three levels.

Sixth Form students who had completed their Gold DofE awards or Ten Tors Challenge, gave a short presentation encouraging their peers to continue with their outdoor pursuits and the benefits it can bring in post 18 opportunities, including university or job applications.

Mr Cucknell, Outdoor Pursuits Coordinator, said: ‘Last year’s DofE season we had a bumper year of participants progressing through their levels with 122 participants completing Bronze, 29 completing Silver and 15 completing Gold. This is a phenomenal effort which takes perseverance, dedication and commitment to progress through their activities and which culminates with their expedition. I would like to congratulate all of the participants on their outstanding achievement and thank all the staff, parents and volunteers for their support of the students in reaching these awards’.

A certificate presented to the School from the DofE South West Director states that from Truro School participants, 2756 hours of learning a skill was accumulated, 2925 hours of physical activity, and 2795 volunteering hours were completed in the local community.

Mrs Ellison, Head of Pastoral, said: ‘I think people believe that working with teenagers means we deal with young people who do not want to give back or interact with their community. I know this is not true and see our amazing young people every day. The DofE Scheme gives them the opportunity to show themselves in the best light, whether it is giving up time for volunteering, building on their team work and determination in the expedition, or developing their skills and fitness in the skills and physical sections. It is great that so many of our young people get involved in this fantastic award and they should be so proud of all they have achieved’.